Snowy Egret
Taken mid January 2000 at "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel Island, FL. More Florida birds can be seen in the slide show at lower right.

Edward Nied Jr.
14 Duggan Lane
Southampton, MA 01073
United States

~~ Nature & Scenic Photography ~~

by Edward Nied Jr.

"First Encounter"
Shot in the wild, it was undoubtedly this fawn's first encounter with a human as it was this photographer's first encounter with a wild fawn. Initially, I accidently scared two fawns in a dense fern understory. This photo is the result of standing motionless for one and a half hours and the fawn eventually walked up to my 9 foot minimum focus.

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Some photos...

...from a recent trip to Sanibel Island, FL.