~ 2001 Results ~

# of boxes monitored: 33

# of EABL eggs laid: 54

# of EABL fledged: 35

# of EABL banded:

# of TRES eggs laid: 93

# of TRES fledged: 65

# of TRES banded:

# of HOSP fledged: 0

# of HOSP nest attempts discouraged: 38

# of HOSP's eliminated: 3

~ 2001 News ~

~~ 2000 Bluebird Results ~~

Number of boxes monitored: 31

Number of bluebirds fledged: 48

Number of bluebirds banded: 42

Number of tree swallows fledged: 30

Number of tree swallows banded: 21

Number of house sparrows fledged: 0

# of house sparrow nest attempts discouraged: 9

~~ 2000 News ~~

The beginning of the year was cool and wet and delayed most all nesters. This weather really threw off the tres swallows. Almost a month later than normal, we eventually had some "normal" weather and most TRES were able to nest successfully.

A highlight of this season was the recapture of two female tree swallows. One, captured in Williamsburg, MA, about 12 miles north of here, had been banded on our trail in 1998. Another TRES was captured in one of our boxes and had been banded in the Williamsburg area in 1998 So it looks like they traded places! We had a pretty successful banding year also and this information should prove valuable in the future.